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Everyone has things they blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by asking me about something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read,political leanings, thoughts on slash, favorite type of underwear,graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.

In which there is a chance meeting.

Who: Howl Jenkins and Serverus Snape
What: A chance meeting in the library.
Where: Library!
When: April 3rd
Rating: W for wizard.
Status: In progress.

Howl had spent a time apart from the other residents recently. I had tried to get involved but somehow after the young boy Draco and the time at the bar he had grown a bit distant. In his time of laminating his sorrows and situation to Calcifer he had grown a desire to find a way out again. Without much to work off of he decided to go research in the library, what better place to start after all.

The library was a large Gothic building, something about none Gothic libraries just didn't feel right. Not that normal modern buildings made bad libraries, just that somehow it seamed more appropriate that this place had a classic styled one. Stone steps and marble floors, along with Greek gods carved into polls and huge brass doors decorated the building on the inside and out.

Howl had made a camp in the reference section, a pile of books on either side of him, several heaps further off where it was obvious a stack and fallen over and the man couldn't be bothered to pick them up. Every once in a while there was an angry sound of a book slamming shut and a thud as it was roughly put down.

"How can there be no history of a city in the cities own library!?" he shouted into what he took for granted as empty halls.

Closed and finished

Who: Howl and Mary
Date and time: An undisclosed late afternoon in the past week.
Where: The park
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Howl talks to Mary of her baby and his courting habits.

In which a lot is shared, and much hidenCollapse )
Who: Howl and Everyone and anyone in a 20 block radius. (That would be about 10 blocks on each side)

When: mid day

Where: Howls house and the area surrounding

There was no hope in the people he had met. None of them had any potential to get him out of here. This place was hell and nothing would change Howls mind on it. He was truly miserable the only light had been Sirena. At that thought he went to check his appearance in the mirror, glaring at those awful roots showing up. such a large contrast brown to blond. That was it He would take care of it right now. He turned and marched to the bathroom flinging open the door.

"Hot watter," was all he said as he entered and closed the door behind him. But he didn't have to say too much, Calcifer would do the rest.

Three hours he took to messing with himself and tinting his hair. The warm watter felt nice, and the more he stayed the happier he felt. In fact he was feeling quit well. He rinsed himself off and stepped out of the tub to look at himself in the mirror. He took a hand to wipe the steam off the glass and then froze. Was what he saw true? It couldn't be... he had used the right things.... Unless, that person had messed with his bathroom! Suddenly the impeccable cleanliness of his usual squalor sank in. His bathroom had been cleaned and his things put out of order.

And then things got badCollapse )



Who: Howl
Where: In his Castle
When: Intro post.

It was a lovely two hours howl spent in the bathroom, coloring his hair and using various other cosmetic spells. He emerged in his red and gray suit, smelling of flowers with hair nearly platinum. He checked himself again just before heading to the door, he had to look perfect.

"I am going to the King, I fear I can't avoid him any longer then I have. quite a stubborn man he is." he said with a sigh. "I figure you shall be fine on your own Calcifer?" the fire demon simply made a small flicker. It was a damp day and he wasn't very happy. "Good good, I think it will be all day sadly, the way they do things there. so troublesome!"

The wizard went to the door, changing the dial the right color down without reaching up to touch it. Without further word he opened it up to leave to Kingsbury when he found it was not Kingsbury before him. a little confused he took a step back in an checked the dial. Closing the door he changed the dial to another color then open the door again. The same sight befell him. a city that looked quit modern, not at all a place in Ingary. This was troubling and quite concerning since he had not noticed this issue before. he took another step back in closing the door and changing the dial black side down.
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